The Design Management Netwerk (DMN) proudly looks back on twenty years of drawing people’s attention to design management. During those years our field grew to maturity. It was time to round off. Which we did, formally, in the beginning of 2020.

DMN has been in action for almost twenty years during which it developed and shared knowledge on how the involvement of design contributes to the realization of organizational aims and the related requirements on a strategic, tactic and operational level.
DMN connected professionals on every aspect of design management and constructively joined the worlds of business, management and creativity. DMN’s members came from three important target groups: from the side of demand (organizations such as Heineken, Forbo, and Philips), from that of supply (design agencies and consultants such as VBAT, Ontwerpwerk, and npk design), and from education and research (TU Delft, HHS, and the Design Academy Eindhoven).

No new board presented itself and, taking into consideration the attendance at our meetings and our dwindling membership, this was the only possible decision. Moreover, we think that design management and design thinking are now considered fully-fledged and acknowledged functions and procedures within trade and industry, and that various educational institutes annually produce size-able batches of designers who find their way into society and business.

The board of DMN decided - completely in the spirit of DMN’s mission - to use the existing financial reserve in an appropriate manner. DMN likes to support (applied) research in the field of design, innovation and design management. We’re most happy to allocate substantial contributions to students, PhD candidates and staff of different leading design schools, thus making it possible to share the results of their research on (inter)national seminars and events.

By doing so, DMN is most happy to actively contribute to the continuous building, sharing and multiply of knowledge in the field of design management. A complete overview of all our contributions can be found beneath.

Last but not least: Our sincerest thanks for your interest in our meetings, for your membership and for actively sharing knowledge and experience over the past twenty years.

Kind regards,
The DMN Board

Granted financial support

Aanvraag vanTitel onderzoekWaar en wanneer presenterenToegekend
1Barend KlitsieNot Invented Here’: Continious Alignment as key to Achieving Implementation in Service OperationsSERVDES.2020, Service Design Conference, juli 2020, Melbourne, Australia€ 1.500,00
2Eva FreseManaging the early phases of disruptive innovation by embedding design in Unilever R&DAOM Annual Meeting, augustus 2020, Vancouver, Canada€ 2.600,00
3Nikki Groote SchaarsbergThe development of a sustainability goal-setting and evaluation tool for packaging, to support producers and importers in their packaging development process, to improve the sustainability of product-packaging combinations.50 prints pocketboeken onderzoeksresultaten en presentatie op Dutch Design Week, oktober 2020, Eindhoven, Nederland€ 750,00
4Alex - How can we harness creativity through web browsing?26th Biennale of Design, BIO26 Common Knowledge, februari 2020, Ljubljana, Slovenia€ 400,00
5Gabriel FontanaMultiform. Promoting inclusivity through sport.Lanceringsevent Multiform, mei 2020, Afrikaanderwijk Coöperatie, Rotterdam, Nederland€ 1.750,00
6Rik MaarsenCompostboardMaterial District, maart 2020, AHOY, Rotterdam€ 1.000,00
7Niya StoimenovaThe adaptive organization: using design’s prototyping practices to navigate complex contextsAcademic Design Conference of DMI, augustus 2020, Toronto€ 2.000,00
8Jan-Maarten in ’t VeldEnhancing the absorptive capacity through Design Thinking: a prototyping perspectiveAcademic Design Conference of DMI, augustus 2020, Toronto€ 2.000,00
9Joost RoozenkransThe design process and how to make better ideasBoth Camp Symposium, februari 2020, Artevelde Hogeschool, Gent, België€ 400,00
10Rebecca StrenkSENSE the NICU of the future. Arte Laguna in Venetië, maart 2020, Veneti뀠1.200,00
11Regina MoránCollaboration in innovation labs to work towards a sustainable healthcare system.Conference Design4Health, juli 2020, Amsterdam€ 850,00
12Lennart LahuisAtlanta Water WorksAtlanta Design Festival, juni 2020, Atalanta, Verenigde Staten€ 1.500,00
13Nora JongenThe creative process according to the menstrual cycle.Nova Synagoga, februari 2020, Zilina, Slowakije€ 350,00
14Jazmin CharalambousAn incidental meeting of parts: An Urban Carpet for Wembley Park.London Borough of Culture, Brent 2020, mei-augustus 2020, Londen, Engeland€ 2.000,00
15Alorah HarmanOrganizing technological R+D through social design.DMI: Making Meaning/Creating Value, April 2020, Madrid, Spanje€ 1.750,00
16Arthur AlvinWhat makes body movement valuable in developing future disciplines?MU Artspace during Dutch Design Week, oktober 2020, Eindhoven, Nederland€ 1.000,00
17Egbert WolfThe effect of corporate identity interventions in the branding system.5th International Place Branding Association (IPBA) Conference, 9-11 december 2020, Barcelona, Spanje€ 389,59
Totaal € 21.439,59